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    The easiest and most effective way of enhancing a newly launched or already existing sports betting software is 3rd party integration. 3rd party integrations allow sports betting businesses to elevate user experience, enhance functionality, offer ease of use and smooth transactions. Your punters are always looking for new features that can elevate their gambling experiences. The more such features your sportsbook has to offer, the more competitive advantage you have in the industry. To ensure your sports betting platform stands out and to empower you to distinguish your sportsbook on the world wide web, Tecpinion betting API provider offers you 3rd party integration services that can help you get all the features you require in your sports betting platform. We have a solution for your every business challenge and our various 3rd party integrations allow you to enhance your sportsbook in every aspect. Want to know more about our sports betting API services, get in touch with our teams today!


    Tecpinion offers you the most comprehensive sports betting API integration services that ensure you get everything you need under one roof

    Data Feeds Integration

    Data feed integrations ensure operators have access to the latest and up-to-date information. 


    Odds Integration

    Get up-to-date and accurate odds from reputed odds providers and enhance the reliability of your sportsbook. 

    Marketing Module Automation

    Marketing modules help you to manage your campaigns, target your customers, offer personalized promotions and more to your customers. 

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Reliable payment gateways are one of the most crucial aspects of any sports betting platform. With our 3rd party integration services, we offer operators payment gateways of their choice. 

    Online Casino Games Integration

    The latest online casino games are essential to attract and retain punters on your sportsbook. We offer access to all the latest online casino games from trusted providers that enable you to maximize punter engagement on your sports betting platform. 


    Responsible Gambling Module Integration

    This module offers your customers a myriad of tools that help them track their gambling activities and combat gambling addiction. Responsible gambling tools are a must for every sportsbook as they allow customers to play responsibly. 


    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Integration

    Blockchain and cryptocurrency ensure transparency, and security and also offer ease of transactions to your customers. These are great options for punters who prefer decentralized transactions with enhanced privacy. 

    Virtual Sports and Esports Integration

    Offering a variety of games is the key to customer engagement in the sports betting business. Integration of virtual sports and Esports allow you to offer diversity to your customers, allowing you to cater to a larger chunk of punters. 

    Event Calendar and Notifications

    This module allows you to stay connected to your customers by enabling you to send important updates about your new offerings, upcoming events, software updates, feature updates and more. 

    Multi-language and Localization

    Multi-language and localization module ensures global access and allows your customers to use your sports betting platform in the language preferred by them. 

    CRM Integration

    Successful businesses are built on long-term relationships. Our CRM integration allows you to manage your customers, track their preferences, study their behaviours, and offer best-in-industry customer experiences. 

    Affiliate Marketing Module Integration

    The affiliate marketing module offers you access to all the tools that help you manage your affiliate network, promotions, affiliate marketers, their commissions and more.  

    Social Media Integration

    Social media integrations allow your customers to share their experiences, wins and more on multiple social media platforms. Apart from providing access to various social media platforms from your sportsbook, the social media module also acts as a marketing tool for operators and helps operators attract new customers. 


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    Odds Providers

    • Betradar
    • BetBalancer
    • Feed Construct
    • BetGenius
    • LSports

    Casino Providers

    • ST8
    • RelaxGaming
    • SlotMatrix
    • BetConstruct

    Payment Gateway Providers

    • Apcopay
    • Bitandpay
    • AstroPay
    • CoinPayment

    Payment Gateway Providers

    • Jumio
    • SmartSearch


    Enjoy unlimited benefits that come with our online betting API integration services

    Enhanced Punter Engagement

    Sports betting API integrations allow you to enhance customer experience by offering a range of tools to your customers.

    Enhanced Business Reach

    Certain APIs allow you to reach and cater to a global audience by making your sportsbook more user-friendly. 

    Smoother Transactions

    Integration of secure payment gateways, multi-currency and cryptocurrency support ensure smoother transactions.

    Operational Efficiency

    Management tools allow you to streamline your operations and gain critical insights which allows you to optimize processes, boost productivity and enhance operational efficiency.


    Alignment with the Latest Industry Trends

    API integrations are a great way of elevating your sportsbook software, getting all the latest tools and adhering to the latest industry trends.

    Better Marketing

    API integrations allow you to enhance your marketing efforts and streamline your strategy creation and deployment, which ensures better marketing.

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    Turnkey Sports Betting Solutions


    Ineffective management of your sports betting platform can easily cause a chain of poor decisions, ineffective strategy implementation, compromised security, poor user experience, disorganized games and more. To ensure the effortless and smooth management of your sports betting software solution, you need the right set of tools that can help your business thrive. Hence, to ensure you get complete access to advanced tools and modules, we offer you a feature-packed and loaded iGaming platform. The iGaming platform is designed and developed to help businesses manage every aspect of their business. The iGaming platform comes with a myriad of tools that include CRM, business intelligence tools, PAM, security modules, engagement tools, bonus modules, social media modules, anti-fraud systems, reporting and analytics tools, gamification, anti-fraud systems, payment gateways, affiliate management tools, CMS, agent management tools, etc. These tools offer you numerous benefits such as enhanced engagement, better decision-making, effective strategy creation, better marketing, maximized engagement and more. Want to know more about our iGaming platform? Book a demo today!


    Integrations are not always as easy as they sound. The developers are required to understand the complete architecture of your existing system and the solution to be integrated. They need to check if both are compatible. They must be aware of the best practices and they must have problem-solving skills. Apart from this, once the integration is done, they also need to optimize the integration and check the performance. To make sure integration takes place seamlessly, without hampering your software solution, you need teams of experts to perform the integration. But, finding certified sports betting API developers is not easy. To make sure you get the best talent to perform API integrations in your sportsbook, we offer you handpicked sports betting API developers that seamlessly perform integrations. Our teams of sports betting API developers boast years of experience and expertise in API integrations that allow you to hit the bullseye on the very first attempt. Want to know how you can hire top-tier sportsbook API developers? Get in touch with our teams today!

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    Sports Betting 3rd Party API integrations


    The competition in the sports betting industry has increased significantly. The industry was always profitable, but today, it has become highly competitive as well. Rising competition and technological advancements have also increased punter expectations. To outshine your competitors, it’s important to opt for a sportsbook software solution that comes with features that align with the latest trends. And 3rd party integrations are one of the best ways to enhance your sports betting software solution. Tecpinion is a well-known Sports betting API integration service provider that empowers your sports betting software solutions and elevates them to align with the latest trends and punter expectations. Apart from the advancement of the solution, we also offer the best-in-industry betting API for sportsbook businesses at highly competitive prices. Also, partnering with Tecpinion delivers you a wide range of benefits such as: 

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      3rd party integration services are one of the easiest and most effective ways of enhancing your new or already existing sports betting software solution. You can add payment gateways, data feeds, new games and much more. 

      It depends on the solution you are looking for and the provider you want. There are alternatives, thanks to the tremendous competition. After we have thoroughly evaluated your requirements, we offer you a complete breakdown of pricing. 

      Yes, with 3rd party integration services, you can get the payment gateways of your choice. 

      Yes, we also offer maintenance and update installation services. 

      Online casino games integration, social media integration, CRM integration, affiliate marketing module integration, payment gateway integration, data feeds integration and more.

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