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    The various restrictions on traditional casinos in various countries and their respective states have propelled the rise of sweepstakes software solutions. And if you are someone who is looking for ways to make the most out of this booming industry of sweepstakes social casinos, Tecpinion can help you! At Tecpinion, we are dedicated to crafting future-proof and technologically advanced online sweepstakes software solutions that allow you to meet your business goals. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business looking for full ownership custom sweepstakes social casino software or white-label sweepstakes casino software, Tecpinion can help you get the best sweepstakes software that will maximize your profits along with your ROI.

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    Prize Redeeming

    Through this feature, you can decide if your customers will get gift cards or merchandise in exchange for sweep coins. 

    Diverse Games

    Our sweepstakes casino software solutions consist of various engaging game titles that deliver immersive experiences. 


    This feature helps operators to encourage participation and enhance customer engagement effectively.  

    Various Payment Modes

    Players can easily make deposits with the help of various payment modes of the sweepstakes casino 

    Progressive Jackpots

    Progressive jackpots enable operators to offer bigger jackpots and enhance the thrill of gambling. 

    Social Media Suit

    This feature helps your customers to share game updates on various social media platforms. 

    Admin Back Office

    The Admin back office consists of all the tools that are required for the smooth management of the sweepstakes casino platform. 

    In-depth Reports

    In-depth reports allow operators to keep track of the business as well as the profits and make better decisions. 


    Leaderboards help operators to enhance the spirit of positive competition among the players and double the excitement on your sweepstakes casino platform.  

    Virtual Currency

    You can get your unique currency (Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins) developed for your online casino sweepstakes software with our virtual currency feature. 

    Chat Feature

    The chat feature allows your customers to communicate on your sweepstakes casino games software in real-time without any delays. 

    Bonus Systems

    This function allows you to design the types of bonuses you would like to offer your customers on your sweepstakes casino games software.  

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    At Tecpinion, we understand your business and business needs are different. Hence, if you need a feature-rich back-office solution, you can pair your sweepstakes social casino software with our advanced and scalable iGaming platform to make management seamless. The iGaming platform we offer comprises all the cutting-edge features that include CRM, CMS, PAM, bonus engines, security module, agent and affiliate management systems, player engagement module and much more.  Entice your customers with best-in-class games and manage your business seamlessly with our complete sweepstakes solution!


    We understand that not all businesses want to invest in custom development. Hence, for such clients, we offer ready-to-launch/white-label sweepstakes casino software that can be launched quickly. Customizations only take a few weeks and after testing, the solution gets ready to launch. We also offer post-launch assistance through our maintenance and support services to make sure your business doesn’t face any interruptions and runs smoothly.

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    Sweepstakes Software Solutions


    Sweepstakes social casinos are almost similar to traditional online casinos and also offer similar games such as Blackjack, slots, Roulette, etc. The only catch is, sweepstakes casino apps make use of sweep coins, gold coins or virtual tokens. Players purchase these sweep coins or virtual tokens to play the games and the prizes include sweep coins, virtual tokens, or real-life prizes or gift cards, depending on the platform. Some online sweepstakes software solutions also allow players to redeem their sweep coins/tokens for their choice of merchandise. Additionally, players earn sweep coins or tokens through sign-up bonuses, loyalty bonuses, referral bonuses, daily bonuses, and more.



    The fanbase of sweepstakes casino apps has increased tremendously over the years among operators as well as gamblers, especially in the USA. And why not? Unlike traditional casinos, sweepstakes casinos are fully legalized, perfect for new gamblers, and offer good bonuses as well as high-quality entertainment with minimal financial risk. They also offer some of the most played as well as most loved traditional casino games. Some of the online sweepstakes software games include slots, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and many more.

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    Online casino sweepstakes software solutions have gained immense popularity among gamblers due to lesser restrictions,  high entertainment value, and social elements. Sweepstakes social casinos are also accepted by casual as well as amateur gamblers. In order to play at the sweepstakes casino, players need to follow the following steps:

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    Tecpinion is the most trusted sweepstakes casino software development company that offers first-rate and advanced sweepstakes casino software. The online sweepstakes software we develop fits well within your budget and comes with an intuitive UI for an outstanding user experience. The sweepstakes gaming software we provide consists of all the essential features and tools such as progressive jackpots, virtual currencies, prize redeeming, leaderboards, tournaments, and much more that enable businesses to achieve their business milestones as well as goals. After the launch of the sweepstakes casino platform, we also provide complete assistance to our clients through our support and technical support services that ensure uninterrupted business operations.

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      Sweepstakes casinos are similar to traditional casinos. The only difference is that instead of real-world money, they work on virtual tokens/ sweep coins.

      Players can play all their favorite casino games. Online sweepstakes software games include slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more on sweepstakes casinos.

      Yes, we have a ready-to-launch sweepstakes casino that can be paired with 3rd parties of choice. You can also get the customizations done as per your preferences. The solution is launched after complete testing.

      Yes, we have custom sweepstakes software development services that help you build your sweepstakes casino software solution based on your idea.

      Sweepstakes casinos have gained tremendous popularity in various regions around the globe due to their compliance with gambling laws. They are fully legal, unlike traditional casinos which allow operators to facilitate a profitable business effectively. 

      The cost of development depends on your requirements. Tecpinion sweepstakes software development company provides you an exact quote after knowing all your requirements.

      The time of sweepstakes software development depends on the type of sweepstakes software solution you need. If you have chosen custom development, it will take some time since the software is developed from scratch. If you have opted for ready-to-launch/white-label sweepstakes casino software development, the solution can be launched within weeks after customizations and testing.


      Eva Adams Director, Spinzy.com

      Tecpinion stood out as the ideal sweepstakes software provider. Their solution precisely met our needs, making them a valuable partner. The collaboration was effective, ensuring our objectives were met seamlessly. We're confident in our decision and look forward to continued success with their services.

      Olivia Green COO, Rollzcasino.com

      Tecpinion delivered outstanding online sweepstakes software games that perfectly align with our vision. The games showcase a brilliant blend of innovation and functionality. Our experience with Tecpinion has been successful, and we're excited about the positive impact their software has had on our platform.

      Thomas Hayes CEO, Jackcasino.com

      Tecpinion's sweepstakes software games solutions have significantly enhanced our platform. The software has added substantial value to our offerings, and we're pleased with the positive impact it has made on our business. Highly recommend team Tecpinion for any casino software development.

      Grayson Sullivan CEO, Gamblesphere.com

      Tecpinion's sweepstakes software games solutions have significantly enhanced our platform. The software has added substantial value to our offerings, and we're pleased with the positive impact it has made on our business. Highly recommend team Tecpinion for any casino software development.

      Ella Kelly Director, Acegrovegamble.com

      Tecpinion provided practical solutions for our sweepstakes software games. The outcome reflects their dedication to functionality and customization. Our client expresses satisfaction with the results, emphasizing Tecpinion's ability to meet specific business needs in the realm of gaming solutions. Thank you so much team for all your effort.

      Jackson Nelson Co-Founder, Novawager.com

      Tecpinion delivered outstanding sweepstakes software for our business. The final product reflects their dedication to quality and precision. Our client is genuinely satisfied with the results, underscoring Tecpinion's proficiency in developing effective and seamless solutions for our needs. All the best team for all your work.

      Layla Hayes COO, Scorestridegaming.com

      Tecpinion's sweepstakes platform is exceptional! It’s user-friendly, customizable, and significantly boosts engagement. Their customer service is outstanding, supporting every step from start to finish. Ideal for driving promotional success and capturing audience interest. Well done team, we will come back with other idea!

      Joseph Reed Project Head, Playpeakstudios.com

      Tecpinion's sweepstakes casino games are impressive! They are easy to use, captivating, and offer extensive customization options. Their customer service is dependable, ensuring a hassle-free experience. These games have proven valuable in boosting participation and drawing attention. Thank you for all your support team.

      Scarlett Baker Director, Usagaming.com

      Our experience with Tecpinion as a sweepstakes software provider has been excellent. Their solutions are reliable and tailored to our needs. The team is responsive and supportive, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Highly recommend the company for casino-related software and applications. Keep going team.

      Benjamin Hughes CEO, Spincitygaming.com

      Tecpinion exceeded our expectations with their Sweepstakes Gaming Software development. The team was professional, and responsive, and delivered a high-quality product on time. We highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch software solutions. You guys done great job, see you soon!

      Fiona Wright Director, Jackpotjungle.com

      Tecpinion’s Sweepstakes Software Providers did an amazing job. The team was great to work with and delivered impressive results. The process was smooth and efficient. We are delighted with their work and would gladly hire them again. I'll sure get back to the team very soon with another project.

      Isaac Roberts Project Head, Gamblegalaxy.com

      Tecpinion provides excellent Sweepstakes Software Solutions. The team was easy to work with and delivered a high-quality product on time. We are very pleased with the results and appreciate their efficient and reliable service. Thank you so much team for all the support. You guys were awesome!

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