We provide fully customized and modular iGaming software solutions with infinite potential.

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    The tremendous growth of the iGaming platform has become a centre of attraction for every online gaming operation. In the industry, people use different terms for tools such as player account management (PAM), CRM & CMS, and Back Office and all belong to the same purpose. At Tecpinion, our team has emerged as the best iGaming platform provider that offers top-class solutions for the iGaming Platform for sports betting and online casinos.

    We offer iGaming software solutions that are created to fit the unique needs of the online iGaming industry. In the world of iGaming platform, we have established ourselves as the preferred partner for many of the top companies with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. As industry experts and developers, our team works hard to ensure that our products are reliable and secure, and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

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    We offer a high-performance, flexible platform as a core iGaming casino and sportsbook solutions service. In addition to our platform’s reliability, our partners can run iGaming casino and sportsbook brands safely and comfortably with our tools and systems. It is now easier and faster than ever for operators to launch and manage their online gambling operations through our platform. Our market-leading, fully-customizable iGaming platforms allow operators to process payments, handle CRM in real-time, and manage the back office and compliance flexibly.


    We at Tecpinion developed hassle-free, fast and fully functioning iGaming platform solutions with a comprehensive gambling software package. The iGaming platform we provide comes with a user-friendly interface, an immersive, responsive, reliable gaming environment, and a diverse portfolio of games including Sportsbooks, Online & live Casinos, Crash Casino Games, Fantasy Sports, and Online Lottery. With the use of ultra-modern technology, we ensure scalability, security, and compliance with regulatory standards of the iGaming platform that help operators focus on business growth. Our iGaming platform is a one-stop solution for your gaming needs, that not only covers all the mandatory management and monitoring tools but also provides advanced reporting, payment, and security tools and is fully customizable.


    We provide unique, high-performance, and scalable solutions for all your Sportsbook needs. 


     Get a huge array of casino games with feature-rich, scalable, and flexible Online and Live Casinos Software.


    Customizable crash casino games that will help you attract new users. 


    Smooth and enjoyable gaming experience with endless features of our Fantasy Sports Software.


    Get comprehensive solutions for your online lottery requirements. 


    Get the most reliable and dynamic gaming experience with Sweep Stake Social Casinos.


    Open Platform

    We develop a platform in a way that any games, payment process and software can easily integrate it.

    Growth and Scale

    Our platforms help you to get seamless scaling ability and growth.


    Take advantage of extensive CRM tools that allow you to segment your players and maximise retention.

    Responsible Gaming

    This feature work with multiple brands.

    Custom Solutions

    We provide fully customizable solutions for iGaming platforms.


    We provide player account management solutions where you can have a record of players' details.

    User Permissions

    Our platform offers you multi-level user permissions and user management for BO and CMS

    Easy Transactions & Payments Process

    The platform provides you seamless transaction and payment process system.

    Product Management

    Multiple brands and project management, game content management and Customer Service System.

    Back Office

    Using this suite, you can gain real-time insight into your entire business from anywhere at any time.

    Standard API

    Whether you're developing a first-party product or a third-party one, the integration experience and interfaces are the same.

    Multiple Channels

    Our platform is available across multiple channels such as mobile, web, retail and terminal.


    Our platform will help you manage your sports betting and gaming business operations in a highly flexible and cutting-edge manner. You can manage and control all aspects of your sports betting platform or gambling site with our back-office software. The iGaming industry relies heavily on CRMs and CMSs in order to deliver seamless user experiences. Integrating our CRM and CMS software into your sports betting platform will boost user loyalty and engagement, ultimately resulting in greater revenue.

    • 50+ Sports Covered
    • 100+ Betting Markets
    • 50+ Live Betting Markets
    • 30+ Betting Projects Delivered
    • 100% – Uptime and 24/7 Support
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    As a leading provider of iGaming software for online casinos, we are committed to creating cutting-edge platforms. Featuring a wide range of marketing, accounting, and content delivery features, our casino software is designed to cater to every aspect of your business. With our software solutions, you will get an efficient back office, advanced risk management tools, CRM and CMS solutions, and many more. By using our platform, your customers can experience a seamless and engaging experience. We have a range of iGaming platform solutions that can help you launch an online casino or upgrade an existing one.

    • 3000+ Games and App Builds
    • 50+ Casino Developers
    • 100+ Existing Software Updated
    • 1000+ Happy Clients Worldwide
    • 100% – Uptime and 24/7 Support



    With our comprehensive range of payment systems, you have the freedom, choice, and convenience to choose the payment method that is right for you.


    This is a very effective way to interact with your customers. Your players can be reached the way they want by using all the tools and features this platform provides.

    Seamless Customer Support

    This is a bridge between the players and you. They can easily communicate with the support team.


    This will help you protect your business from financial fraud and crime. We provide services for clients' money protection.

    Business Intelligence Tool

    We provide clients with the ultimate business intelligence tool that gathers and analyzes all the data needed to run their businesses.


    Safety is a major concern for employee information and other confidential data. We provide an easy-to-use and understandable dashboard that secures all your sites, web apps and API integrations.


    We have a variety of game types to choose from. We provide fully customized gamification tools to target your audience perfectly.

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    Tecpinion is the leading iGaming platform provider. In order to help you start and grow your iGaming business, we offer a comprehensive suite of technology and business services. By creating user-friendly, impactful, and user-friendly iGaming solutions, we help you stand out in the market. For a smooth, reliable and timely launch of your product, we align our technology solutions according to your specific needs. We help you create iGaming and Sports Betting PAM Platform, iGaming Platform for Sports Betting and Online Casinos, Backoffice software for Sports Betting and Online Casinos, CRM & CMS for Online Casinos and SB. So what are you waiting for?  Hire iGaming developers, who are dedicated to work and help you to stay ahead in the competitive world of iGaming industry.

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      iGaming platform refers to a software system that supports online gambling operations, including casino games, sports betting, poker, bingo, and other forms of online gambling.

      Yes, our platform is developed in such a way that we can easily integrate it with your existing platform.

      Yes, we have a ready-to-launch iGaming platform that can be connected to any 3rd party sportsbook or casino system. If needed, our team can develop the platform for you from scratch. We will cover everything right from ideation to design to development to QA and DevOps of the iGaming platform.

      Yes, our iGaming platform is fully customizable and scalable to the current and future needs of your business.

      It depends on customer business requirements. As a standard, it takes around 12 to 16 weeks time including QA and development.

      The online iGaming industry is gaining popularity and the adoption of iGaming products has increased in recent years. It is expected that the iGaming business is going to face significant growth in the upcoming years.

      The exact cost of developing iGaming software depends upon your requirements. You can contact us for the exact pricing and demo.


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