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    We provide innovative, robust, and secure Telemedicine Software Solution to advance your healthcare services. Our telehealth platform is enriched with astounding features to suit your healthcare business requirements. Provide premier healthcare services to your patients remotely and boost your medical practice revenue.



    Our telemedicine platform bridges the gap between you and your patients and provides flexibility to your procedures. Telemedicine technology enables physicians to provide consultation at any time and from anywhere.
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    Our telemedicine software solution enables you to manage your schedule productively. Patients can seek medical attention at their convenience without being physically present, hence lesser appointments get canceled by patients.


    Our telemedicine software solution enables you to manage your schedule productively. Patients can seek medical attention at their convenience without being physically present, hence lesser appointments get canceled by patients. gif maker (4) gif maker (3)


    Our telehealth app enables you to see patients remotely so that you can see more patients per day and improve your efficiency. There would be no waiting lines in the clinic and less hassle due to a reduced burden on the staff members.

    Better Health Outcomes

    Our telemedicine platform allows managing consultation online and facilitates more frequent follow-ups. Patients receive proper medical attention on time without being physically present. It not only saves time but also provides efficient care to patients.

    100% Customizable and Scalable

    Our telehealth platform is feature-enriched and completely customizable to cater to all your business requirements. From scheduling online appointments to handling payments, get everything that you need to provide superior healthcare services.

    Multiple Device Accessibility

    Our telemedicine solution provides you the flexibility of accessing the platform from multiple devices. Manage your appointments on the go and provide consultation, without being at your clinic, through your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.



    We provide you with a telehealth platform that allows you to share prescriptions directly with the pharmacies. Our e-Prescription solutions not only reduce the error due to the improper handling of documents but also saves time with faster communication.

    Consultation Summary

    With us, you get telemedicine services that empower you to provide added value to your patients, along with consultation. Our solution enables you to share a digital transcript with noteworthy details, which the patients can refer to later.


    The telemedicine software solution that you avail with us is cloud-based so that you can access it from any time, anywhere, and from any device, without the need for downloading it on your device. Experience a hassle-free platform with enhanced security, and no issues of software corruption.

    Medical Device Integration

    We provide you with a telehealth software solution that facilitates the secure transmission of data like EHR and DICOM files. Our platform combines with third party health integrations like Revenue Cycle Management that expediates complex processes.


    Our Healthcare Collaboration Platform empowers you by providing a platform where you can connect with fellow doctors and physicians to share knowledge. Leverage the combined wisdom of practitioners and take the healthcare industry to the new heights of excellence.

    Downloadable PDFs

    The telehealth app that you get with us enables you to download crucial patient data, records, and reports, as PDFs and save them for further use. Remain tension-free of losing important files and retrieve them easily whenever required.

    Patient Follow-up System

    Our telemedicine platform allows easy scheduling of further appointments with your patients so that you provide more efficient healthcare. Enhance your healthcare outcomes with our telehealth platform that comes with a simple follow-up system.

    Video Conferencing

    The telemedicine app that you avail with us comes with video-conferencing software that enables virtual consultation with patients over mobile and desktops. Our telemedicine platform also integrates with distinct functions like screen sharing and recording.

    Billing Software Solutions

    Our telemedicine solution arrives with secure billing software that empowers you to manage your payment operations without any hassle. It not only makes collection quick and easier for your organization but also allows you to access transaction records and billing analytics from any place.

    Workflow Management

    Our telemedicine platform is a one-stop solution that streamlines the clinical workflow in your organization. Also functioning as a robust communication platform for your team, our telemedicine software enables you to manage your time and resources effectively.


    Telemedicine App Development

    We develop telemedicine applications that allow you to provide medical consultation over android and iOS based mobile phones. We design feature-enriched applications with functions like video consulting, chat consulting, user profiles, etc.

    Telemedicine Software Development

    We create telemedicine software solutions that not only enable you to provide online healthcare services but also let you step to a more systematic and reliable solution for patient monitoring, with features like remote patient management, checkups, etc.

    Remote Patient Monitoring

    We develop telehealth platforms that integrate with Remote Patient Monitoring Systems. We enable you to provide enhanced healthcare services to your patients with technological devices like wearables, IoT sensors, and monitors.

    EMR and EHR software Integration

    We build telemedicine software solutions that allow you to manage all your patient records without any trouble. Our telehealth applications are compatible with EHR systems for storing patient information safely.

    mHealth Application Development

    We create feature-rich custom mHealth applications, including healthcare portals and patient portals, for a completely personalized experience of services. We also integrate our mobile health applications with functions like patient engagement systems and real-time monitoring systems.

    Store & Forward Telemedicine Software Development

    We design and develop first-rate telemedicine applications that allow you to store and transfer information like medical reports, documents, and images securely as well as access them whenever required. gif maker (2)


    We develop telemedicine applications that facilitate connection with pharmacists. With the feature of pharmacy integration, patients get precise telemedicine prescriptions that eliminate the possibility of error due to improper management.

    Healthcare Compliance

    Our experts do not leave any stone unturned to make sure that your telemedicine software solutions comply with the regulatory standards like Health Level 7 International (HL7), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Avail with us, a completely reliable, and standard solution for your healthcare organization that makes your services more reliable and enables you to enhance your enterprise.
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