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    Online casino games are the highlight of every online casino platform. And with our online casino games aggregator solution, it has become 100 times simpler to get all the desired games into your online casino platform! Tecpinion casino aggregator provider understands the importance of a rich casino game library and hence, we offer best-in-industry casino game aggregator services that help you offer outstanding games that meet the expectations of even your most demanding player. We also offer you all the tools required for seamless management of the platform, games, and players that allow you to manage your business operations effortlessly. Want to know how our casino game aggregator can help your business? Get in touch today!


    Tecpinion casino aggregator provider offers you various cutting-edge features along with thousands of exciting games 

    Single API integration

    It takes only a single API integration to get access to your favorite top-tier game providers. 

    Live Dealer & Virtual Games Covered

    Our casino games aggregator covers all the exciting and enticing live dealer and virtual casino games. 

    Massive Game Catalog

    We offer a massive collection of enthralling and high-performing online casino games that include slots, poker, bingo, table games, and more. 

    Real-time Campaign Analytics

    This feature helps you create better strategies by delivering critical insights in real-time.  

    Unlimited Free Spin Builder

    For every game, operators get access to the unlimited spin builder that enhances their promotional campaign efforts and helps them create maximum engagement.

    Design your own bonus campaigns

    This feature helps operators to create their unique custom bonus campaigns based on their customer’s preferences and needs.

    Pop-up builder and segmentation tools

    Segmentation tools allow operators to segregate their audiences while pop-up builder helps in crafting personalized messages.

    B2C and B2B Dedicated Aggregator Features

    We cater to both, B2B as well as B2C and offer relevant features based on their needs.

    White-label Aggregator Technology

    Businesses can seamlessly customize and quickly launch games with our white-label aggregator technology.

    Tournament Engine With Custom Points Parameters

    This feature allows operators to set up tournaments with their custom and unique rules.

    Multi-licensee & skin management

    Our casino games aggregator platform supports multiple licenses and skins.

    Real-time GGR Reports

    This feature allows operators to track their finances as well as profits seamlessly with real-time reports.

    Microservices Model

    The complete architecture of the casino aggregator is based on the microservices model that ensures scalability and multiple devices support.

    Mobile friendly aggregator platform

    This feature allows players to access all the games from their mobile devices seamlessly.


    This feature enables the operators to seamlessly customize and manage casino game libraries.

    Reporting & Analytics

    This feature helps operators to get in-depth insights on game performance, player participation, revenue, and more. 

    Bonus Module

    Bonus modules are essential for maximizing participation and player engagement.

    Payment Gateways of Choice

    We offer all the payment gateways you need for your customers for seamless withdrawals and deposits. 

    Certified RNG

    Certified RNG systems allow you to generate fair outcomes for every gaming session.

    Game Management Tools

    These tools help you hide and show games as well as providers based on their performance. 

    Regular Updates

    Regular updates feature helps you keep your game library updated with fresh releases and high-performing games.  


    Our casino games aggregator platform meets all the technical and legal requirements. 

    Promotional Tools

    Promotional tools allow you to market the games to your customers seamlessly and increase participation.


    PAM, short for player account management, helps you authenticate users and keep track of their activities on your platform.

    Mobile Compatible

    Our casino game aggregator software offers games that perform outstandingly on various small devices. 


    Juggling multiple providers, thousands of games, and various punters on your platform cannot be easy. Hence, to simplify the management, we offer a casino game aggregator with an iGaming platform! The iGaming solution we offer to our customers comprises various tools that help you streamline your business operations, get critical insights, make data-driven decisions, and manage your punters as well as games better. Some of the key features include PAM, bonus module, engagement tools, game management module, social media module, CMS, CRM, and much more. Want to know how our iGaming platform can help you manage your business ten times better? Get in touch with our team Tecpinion today!


    Not every business wants to invest the time, the money or the resources into developing everything from scratch. Tecpinion casino aggregator provider understands the need to launch your business swiftly. Hence, for businesses looking to enter the market quickly on their terms, we offer white-label and turnkey online casinos with online casino aggregators. Our ready-to-launch online casino can be customized based on your unique requirements and can also be integrated with the tools of your choice. The casino games aggregator software provides seamless access to thousands of games from top-drawer providers with a single unified API. Want to know how you can enter the highly competitive industry quickly with advanced solutions? Get in touch with team Tecpinion today!

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    • Casino Content Integration
    • iGaming Platform Integration
    • Payment Gateways Integration 
    • Testing
    • Launch 
    • Maintenance
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    At Tecpinion, we understand the necessity of keeping your online casino platform library up-to-date. And hence, for businesses looking to cater to the modern punters and retaining them, we offer a casino games aggregator solution that gives businesses seamless access to top-notch online, live, and virtual casino games with a single unified API. The casino game aggregation API offers you access to a massive game catalog of thousands of the latest games that come from various prestigious gaming studios. Apart from this, we also offer you all the tools that enable you to add more providers, reduce providers, or switch providers without any fuss. Want to know about more perks we offer? Talk to us today!

    • Exclusive, High-performing Gaming Content 
    • Single API Integration
    • Renowned Game Content Providers
    • Quick & Seamless Integration 
    • Mobile Optimised Games
    • Multiple Currency Support
    • 27/7 Support

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      Every online casino needs games and the latest gaming content. Casino aggregator acts as a bridge between game providers and online casinos and allows operators to get all the latest games effortlessly.

      Yes, the casino game aggregator includes online, virtual, and live dealer games.

      Yes, you can choose the providers as per your preferences. 

      The cost varies and depends on how many games you need and which providers you require. Tecpinion casino games aggregator software provider offers you quote only after knowing all your requirements. 

      Yes, we offer you a flexible subscription model where you can seamlessly add or remove game providers without any hassle.  

      Casino game aggregator helps you get all the latest game content and a huge variety of games with the help of a single API. Also, you get licensed games that help you stay compliant. In addition to this, it also allows you to reduce technological complexities and helps you save big bucks.


      Joseph White CMO,

      Tecpinion crafted a stellar online casino aggregator for our client, delivering an impressive gaming experience. The platform seamlessly integrates diverse games, ensuring an enjoyable and dynamic online casino environment. Kudos to team Tecpinion!

      Matthew Thompson CEO,

      Tecpinion successfully created a casino game aggregator that meets our requirements. The development process was smooth, and the final product met our requirements. The team demonstrated competence in delivering a functional solution for our gaming platform.

      Isabella Mitchell Director,

      Our quest for a casino games aggregator provider led us to Tecpinion, and we're content with their services. Their performance in delivering the required solution was solid, meeting our specifications and concluding our search on a positive note. Keep going, team!

      Ethan Thompson Director,

      Pleased with Tecpinion's casino games aggregator development. The development process was effective, and the final product aligns with our vision, demonstrating their competence. Thank you so much team for all your hard work, very happy with result!

      Noah Brooks CEO,

      Tecpinio has successfully met all our requirements for the casino games aggregator. Pleased with their services and the seamless fulfillment of our needs. Their expertise in the gaming industry is evident, and we're satisfied with the outcome.

      Aiden Brooks Co-Founder,

      Tecpinio fulfilled all our needs for the online casino with a casino aggregator. Delighted with their services, our user base has significantly increased. Their expertise in enhancing the gaming experience is evident, and we're happy with the positive results.

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