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    Traditional casinos have seen massive success in the online business space. But at the same time, it’s also true that they have faced several legalisation issues. There are several places where online casinos are not legal and there some areas where online casinos operate in grey areas. For operators who don’t want to get tangled into legalisation issues but still want to enter the iGaming industry to offer exciting casino experiences to their players, we offer an online sweepstakes platform. Sweepstakes casinos are online social casinos that make use of sweep coins and gold coins and offer various casino games to players to play. Players can play by using these virtual currencies without any risks. Another great news is, sweepstakes casinos don’t come with any legality issues. To help you make the most out of the surging industry, Tecpinion offers you a custom sweepstake software platform, white label online sweepstakes platform, and turnkey sweepstakes platform. Along with the cutting-edge sweepstakes casino software solutions, we also offer feature add ons via 3rd party integrations, on-demand customizations and post launch maintenance services. Want to know how Tecpinion sweepstakes platform development company can be your perfect partner? Get in touch with our teams today!


    Virtual Currency

    Our sweepstakes casino platform comes with gold coins and sweep coins and we also enable you to develop your own virtual currency.

    Diverse Games

    Tecpinion offers 4000+ games for increased player engagement on your online sweepstakes platform.

    Bonus Systems

    Bonus systems help you craft bonuses that appeal to your customers and allow you to transform your visitors into your customers better.

    Various Payment Modes

    Transactions made easy. Tecpinion offers you diverse payment modes such as credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, debit cards, net banking and more.

    Chat Feature

    Real-time chat is essential for players to socialise, chat, exchange game strategies, insights and more.

    Progressive Jackpots

    This feature offers your players a larger value of jackpot with every round they play, effectively boosting engagement. 

    Social Media Suit

    Social media suit helps you market your online casino sweepstakes platforms better on all major social media platforms. 

    Admin Back Office

    Admins back office comes with carefully curated tools that help admins manage the sweepstakes casino platform better. 


    Leaderboards are essential for fulfilling the competition among your players, encouraging your players to climb up the ranks.


    Tournaments ensure long-term participation and engagement effectively.

    Prize Redeeming

    This feature enables your players to get prizes in exchange for their sweep coins. 

    In-depth Reports

    This feature helps you make better decisions for your business and enhance profits effectively.


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    Looking for Sweepstakes Gaming Platform Development?

    Sweepstakes Casino Games Software Development Company


    A business comes with various seen and unseen aspects. And to manage your business effectively, you need the right set of features and tools. But what exactly is the right set of tools? The right set of tools allow you to manage your business effectively, enhance customer conversions, maximise retention, deliver valuable insights, make better business decisions and more. Our iGaming platform comes with all the essential and crucial tools such as PAM, agent management tools, affiliate management tools, CRM, bonus management tools, CMS, player engagement tools, business intelligence tools security module, bonus engines, and more. Want to see how our iGaming platform can help your business? Schedule a call with our teams and book a free demo today!


    Along with an ultra-modern custom sweepstakes management platform, we also offer our customers white label and turnkey sweepstakes casino platforms. These ready-to-launch solutions are perfect for operators who do not want to invest too much resources and spend too much time in building their custom online casino sweepstakes platform from scratch. Our ready-made solutions support 3rd party integrations along with on-demand customizations. Want to know more about our sweepstakes casino games software? Get in touch today!

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    Hire custom software developers

    Hire Sweepstakes Platform Developers

    Hiring sweepstakes platform developers can be tricky. Why? Because to ensure the development of successful sweepstakes software,  you need talented developers that understand the latest technologies, understand the industry trends, can seamlessly collaborate with your existing teams, can take complete ownership of their work, and won’t leak your ideas. At Tecpinion, we understand what your business needs and to make sure you can hire without the hassle, we provide you iGaming staffing services that offer you uninterrupted access to a massive pool of top industry talent. Along with our iGaming staffing services, we also offer you flexible engagement models to make sure you can hire seamlessly, as per your project requirements. 


    The online sweepstakes casino industry has reached new heights in recent years, and to leverage this industry, you need the right partner that can offer you the best-in-industry online sweepstakes platform. Tecpinion is a trusted partner that offers first-rate sweepstakes gaming platform development services that help small and large operators build a successful business in the highly competitive industry. The sweepstakes casino platform software we offer is crafted by certified sweepstakes gaming platform developers and our software is built with latest technology, offers handpicked features, appeals to the modern punters and also offers unlimited fun to players, allowing operators to boost engagement, player retention as well as excitement of social casino. Choosing Tecpinion sweepstakes platform development company as your sweepstakes platform provider also offers you multiple perks such as: 

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      Traditional online casinos are where players use real-money to play casino games. They emphasise winning and losing. On the other hand, sweepstakes casinos are a form of social casinos that make use of virtual currency. They focus on the fun and player engagement and players can explore various games without any risks. 

      Players can find all casino games such as live dealer games, slots, card games, table games and more at sweepstakes casinos.

      If you want to base your sweepstakes casino platform software on your ideas, you can opt for our custom online sweepstakes platform development. Our custom online sweepstakes software platform development services allow operators to incorporate their vision into the platform and get their ideas developed into advanced and robust custom sweepstake software platforms. 

      We offer white label and turnkey online sweepstakes platform. 

      Yes, sweepstakes casino online platforms are legal throughout the USA, except Washington.

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