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    Hiring talent may sound easy, but in reality, it never is. You need a dedicated team to hunt for the right talent that matches your specific requirements, the talent must be aware of the iGaming industry’s latest trends, he/she should also have experience with the latest technology and he must have a proven track record of building iGaming apps app solutions. Not to mention, if by any chance you end up hiring the wrong talent, you are required to start the complete process all over again. The good part is, Tecpinion can help you dodge all of these hurdles effortlessly and help you acquire the top-tier talent your iGaming project needs. At Tecpinion, we offer you a massive pool of handpicked and carefully curated talent that helps you get access to unlimited candidate profiles of developers with gambling experience. The talent we offer you holds strong expertise in various domains like sports betting software, sweepstakes casinos, online casinos, fantasy sports, provably fair casino games, and more. When you hire iGaming software developers from us, you also get trusted team members who have a proven track record of working with the latest technologies and crafting high-end iGaming solutions. To ensure effortless hiring, we also offer multiple flexible engagement models that ensure you hire as per your needs, on the go. We also protect your IP through legal contracts & NDAs that allow you to rest assured throughout the development process. Want to know more about how Tecpinion can help you Hire iGaming team? Get in touch with our teams today!


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    Hiring Developers with Gaming Experience from Tecpinion delivers you multiple benefits

    Curated Professionals

    We offer you handpicked, thoroughly scanned and highly experienced professionals for hire. 

    Rigorous Screening Process

    Every profile we offer you for hire goes through multiple tests to ensure you get the best. 

    Flexible Engagement Models

    We provide you with multiple engagement models and help you choose the one that suits your business needs the best. 

    Transparent Pricing

    We do not implement hidden charges and provide you with a complete breakdown of the charges. 

    Massive Pool of Talent

    We offer you access to a vast pool of talent, which ensures you can get the talent you are looking for.

    On-demand Hiring

    Hire as you go. As your needs and the scope of the project grow, we enable you to hire top talent on demand. 

    IP Protection

    Through legal contracts and NDAs, we protect your intellectual property so that you can hire without worrying about your ideas getting leaked. 

    Candidate Testing

    To ensure you hire the right developers with iGaming experience, we allow you to test the candidates before finalising the candidate.

    Seamless Communication

    Our teams are trained to keep the communication crystal clear. This makes sure you stay updated at all times about the project’s progress.

    Client-Centric Approach

    We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and to ensure we achieve that, we have tailored our services to ensure maximum productivity. 

    Specialised Skills

    Get every skill, and every specialisation that’s required or trending in the iGaming industry. We offer you candidates who specialise in the latest tech to make sure you build the most advanced iGaming solutions. 


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    Our engagement models are tailor-made to fit the needs of all businesses. Whether you are a startup or a large business, we have crafted our engagement models to ensure seamless hiring

    Fixed Price

    This model is perfect when you have a proper project outline and clearly defined scope. You hire developers and assign them the project, which is then delivered on the agreed deadline.

    Milestone-Based Delivery

    This model is ideal for businesses where they need deliveries in predefined intervals to speed up the process. Developers build the project and start releasing deliveries at pre-outlined milestones.

    Time & Material

    This model is ideal for businesses that want to accomplish small tasks swiftly. These tasks can include updates, installation, bug fixing, etc. You hire on an hourly basis and pay for the time that’s spent by the developer.

    Dedicated Teams

    The dedicated teams model is ideal when you require larger teams to accomplish big goals. Dedicated teams can collaborate with your existing teams and can also work on their own. This model is ideal when you have larger tasks that need to be finished within the deadline.


    Hire iGaming Software Developer


    Discovery Call

    Discovery call is aimed at uncovering your current challenges, and talent gaps, understanding your vision, your goals and your pain points. This call is extremely important as it helps us understand you better and provide relevant candidate profiles. 

    Shortlist Candidate

    After the discovery call, we match your requirements with candidate profiles and start sharing candidate resumes we feel would be the best fits. 

    Conduct Tests

    Tests help you understand the capabilities of candidates better. Hence, Tecpinion places complete freedom in your hands to conduct tests of the candidate. 

    Hire the Candidate

    After you are satisfied with the candidate, you hire the candidate and we initiate the onboarding process. 


    We understand that project development may present unseen challenges to overcome, you might need more developers with iGaming experience. Hence, we assist you at every step with scaling your team.

    Seamless Billing

    We understand the value of trust and transparency. Hence, we provide you with detailed bills without any hidden charges.

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    Tecpinion is one of the experienced and leading iGaming staffing service providers that offers the best gambling developers to empower businesses and speed up their project development. With our in-depth knowledge and dedicated teams, we match top-tier talent with your requirements and offer you the most suitable candidate profiles to ensure you hire the best on your first attempt. Our developers with gaming experience hold a proven track record of developing the most sophisticated solutions with the latest technology as well as next-generation features. Want to hire professional iGaming developers for hiring the top industry talent? Schedule a call today!

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      To ensure you can hire on the go, we have kept the hiring process as simple as possible, without any complications. The very first step is to join us on a discovery call and after we have all your requirements, we start matching the profiles based on your project needs. We enable you to test the candidates and only when you are completely certain about the candidate and we have a go-ahead from you, we start with the candidate onboarding process. 

      As many as you want! Project development may come with various challenges where you might need more than a few hands. Hence to ensure your project gets developed without any interruptions.

      Tecpinion offers you complete liberty to add or remove resources on the go. So when you remove one of our developers from the team, we initiate the billing process. 

      Yes, we have four key engagement models. These include dedicated teams, time and liberty, fixed price and milestone-based delivery. 

      You can hire for various domains such as sports betting, sweepstakes casinos, online casinos, fantasy sports, provably fair game development, etc. 

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