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The healthcare industry has undergone immense scientific advancements in recent years. Whether it is about consultation, prescription, scheduling appointments or sharing medical reports, technologization plays a very important role in streamlining the workflow of a healthcare organization. Considering the technical needs of the medical industry, we design and develop customized healthcare software to suit your requirements. Our expert engineers work day in and day out to develop feature-rich solutions for hassle-free management of information and services. With us, you get world-class healthcare software solutions based on state-of-the-art technology, that enables you to provide the most credible healthcare services in the industry.

Our Healthcare Solutions & Services

EHR Software Development

EHR Software Solutions Development

From medications to surgeries performed and from contacts to insurance details, our EHR Implementation Services function efficiently to store patients’ health documents digitally. The records can be accessed at any time and can be shared with multiple medical organizations and hospital management systems. It enables you to enhance your productivity by providing robust software solutions for effortless management and sharing of patient data. Take a step ahead towards leveraging the power of technology to enrich your healthcare practice by availing our electronic health records software.

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CPOE Software Solutions Development

Our CPOE applications are a perfect solution to eliminate any kind of error in recording prescriptions manually. Be it the list of medications or laboratory test results, our CPOE healthcare app development solutions enable you to enter all the necessary details electronically. The computer also warns the physician about any potential risks by comparing the specified orders with the standard dose. Advance your practice by replacing prescription pads with the electronic entry of orders and maximize accuracy in your hospital management systems.

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EMP Software Development

EMR Software Development

Our electronic medical records software is designed and developed as per the scale of your healthcare organization. It not only allows electronic medical records management but also enables the effortless sharing of patient data. We also integrate Healthcare Collaboration Platforms which allows an effortless exchange of data within the whole team involved with the patient. Whether it is about pharmacy solutions or sports medicine records, our EMR solutions ensure maximum precision in storing patients’ information.

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PACS & DICOM Software Services

Our Picture Archiving and Communication System solutions facilitate efficient storage and sharing of digital medical imaging. With us, you get effective DICOM Integration Solutions that allows the incorporation of DICOM images with several medical images like MRI, CT scan, X-rays reports, etc. We also provide DICOM Viewer Development which enables you to access DICOM image viewer online. Advance your healthcare practice by integrating our PACS solutions within your systems and ensure smooth transmission of DICOM files across devices.

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PACS & DICOM Software Services Tecpinion
electronic prescription service

Electronic Prescription Services

We provide E-Prescribing Software solutions for your organization which allows you to send orders directly to the pharmacy. It not only eliminates paperwork but also reduces the risk due to errors in traditional prescribing methods. We also develop e-Prescribe Software for Mobile Apps to enrich your solutions by Integrating Third-Party e-Prescribing Vendors. Step up into a hassle-free system of generating and sending prescriptions with our E-prescribing Software for Physicians which enables you to enrich your healthcare practice.

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Healthcare Information Systems & Health Information Exchange Software

Our Health Information System solutions are designed to perfectly cater to the needs of hospital management. Covering broad aspects of information, from finance to nursing and from pathology to the pharmacy, our health information management system provides effortless administration of data. Integrated with HIE software, our HIS software facilitates the safe and secure sharing of data.

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Practice Management Software Development

Practice Management Software Development

Our expert engineers deliver first-rate Medical Practice Management Software for efficient supervision of day to day operations. We customize the solutions as per your needs which may include tasks like automatic scheduling of appointments, generation of reports, billing, etc. Enhance your organization with our medical Practice Management System solutions and strive towards becoming the best.

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Medical Scheduling Software

Our Medical & Clinic Scheduling Software solutions provide easy management of patients’ appointments. It takes over the task of manual scheduling by effortlessly administering and managing appointments. With us, you get a HIPAA compliant scheduling software which boosts your productivity. Technologize your appointment systems with our customized and feature-rich appointment scheduling software that communicates and also allocates medical staff to the patients.

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Medical Scheduling Software
Telemedicine Software Development

Telemedicine Software Development

We design and develop customized Telemedicine software for your healthcare organization. Our Telemedicine Technology Integrations empower you to provide your services at any time and from anywhere. We also provide Telemedicine Mobile App development so that patients can seek your healthcare services on the go. Take a step towards technological advancement and upgrade your medical practice by providing remote consultations and treatments over video conferencing.

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PHI & Patient Portal Software Development

We provide Personal Health Information solutions and Patient Portal Development which makes record keeping of a patient’s data easy. Our PHI software solutions also enable you to provide proper care with the help of precise data about laboratory results, insurance, and medical history. Avail our Patient Portal Development services and allow patients to access health information remotely and seek healthcare services online.

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PHI & Patient Portal Software Development

Remote Patient Monitoring & Home Monitoring Software

Our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Solutions & Services, allow effective monitoring of a patient from anywhere. It eliminates the need for personal monitoring by continuous supervision through instruments and sending reports about patient’s health to the nurse stations. We also provide Home Monitoring Solutions so that you could access the medical history of a patient from their home. Enhance the patient’s convenience and comfort by availing our remote patient monitoring software and home monitoring solutions.

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Healthcare Compliance and Standards

We don’t leave any stone upturned to ensure Healthcare compliance. We provide software solutions that meet the healthcare operational standards and exceed them. We make sure that our solutions match the legal, ethical and professional regulations so that you provide the most credible healthcare services. Our software solutions follow all of the principal healthcare compliance standards including:

Healthcare Integration

We strive to provide you with healthcare software solutions that are enriched with features. With us, you get completely customized software solutions with tools and third-party implementations. We integrate your solutions with software like RCM so that you can transfer data, retrieve patient details, and validate insurance, all in one place. We also configure your software for the easy transmission of information between organizations. Avail with us, a completely customized solution integrated with specialized software for hospital management and leverage the power of technology for simplifying tasks like recording patient data, demographics, medical history, etc.

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