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    The online gambling industry has witnessed immense growth in recent years, all thanks to the high-speed internet, AI, technological advancements, and recent innovations. In the highly competitive industry where new platforms are rising and striving to make their own place in the industry, it’s critical to choose an online gambling software provider that will not only help you get the most advanced and next-generation gambling software that aligns with the expectations of the modern punters, but also will give you access to essential tools that will help you in various aspects of business management that will allow you to deploy effective strategies at the right time and will also equip you with data-driven insights. Tecpinion is your one-stop online gambling development company that delivers you a feature-rich and loaded gambling software solution for various domains including sports betting, online casino, fantasy sports, crash and more. Our gambling software solution comes with all the advanced features that are essential for maximising player engagement and managing the platform better. Want to know how our gambling software solutions can help you take a head start in the gambling industry? Book a call today!


    iGaming Platform
    • PAM, CRM, CMS, Reporting
    • Custom bonus & promotion
    • 3rd party & in-house sportsbooks
    • 3rd party & in-house  casino content 
    • Payment & crypto of choice
    • 100% Customizable
    • Gamification 
    • Business Intelligence Tools
    • 80+ Sports Covered
    • 4k+ Betting Markets
    • Online, Retail & Bet Shop Solution 
    • Live Betting 
    • Agent Management tools
    • Multiple Bet Types 
    • Anti-fraud systems and more

    • 3000+ Games
    • Major Game Types Covered
    • 50+ Game Providers
    • Certified RNG
    • Live Dealer Casino 
    • Game Management Tools
    • Progressive Jackpots
    • Achievement Badges 
    • Auto Bet 
    • Two Bet 
    • Auto Cashout
    • Certified RNG
    • Provably Fair 
    • Bet Claims 
    • E-wallets
    • Live Betting
    • 15+ Sports
    • Daily, Weekly & Season-lLong Fantasy Solutions
    • Various Draft Types Covered
    • Multiple Game Types Covered
    • Engaging Contests
    • Achievement Badges



    Game Variety

    Our white-label gambling software solutions cover diverse games for maximised customer engagement. 

    Payment Gateways

    This feature allows you to get the payment gateway based on your preferences and requirements. 

    Multiple Bet Types

    This feature gives your punters access to multiple bet types and keeps them engaged.

    Multiple Payment Modes

    The white-label gambling application development services we offer equip you with multiple payment modes like bank transfer, internet banking, e-wallets and more. 

    Vast Coverage

    Our white-label gambling software development services give you coverage for various tournaments, leagues, sports and more. 

    Cryptocurrency Support

    Tecpinion B2B online gambling software provider gives your punters complete liberty to choose from 90+ cryptocurrencies for wagering. 

    Admin Dashboards

    For seamless management and streamlined operations, we offer you feature-packed admin dashboards. 


    This feature helps you keep your punters motivated and encourages them to compete with other gamblers. 

    Real-time chat

    This feature facilitates real-time messaging which enables your punters to have better interactions with other punters. 

    Social media modules

    Social media modules enable you to market your business on diverse social media platforms with the help of your punters. 

    Risk management tools

    This feature enables you to analyse, monitor and manage the risks and set the limits accordingly. 

    Reports & Analytics

    Reports and analytics feature helps you study your customer’s behaviour on your gambling software and offer enhanced gambling experiences. 

    Bonus Systems

    Tecpinion gambling software development solutions provider offers you bonus systems for maximum conversions, retention and engagement. 

    Multi-lingual Support

    This feature helps you cater to punters around the world without any language restrictions or barriers. 

    Agent Systems

    Agent systems allow you to keep track of a complete hierarchy of agents. 

    Referral Systems

    Referral systems are great for growing your customer base with the assistance of your customers. 

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    • 100% Ownership 
    • Zero Revenue Share 
    • Cost-Effective Gambling Software 
    • 3rd Party Integrations 
    • Latest Technologies 
    • Robust & Scalable Gambling Software 
    • Dedicated DevOps Teams & Project Managers 
    • On-time Delivery & Gambling Software Launch
    • Certified RNG Systems 
    • Provably Fair Games
    • Immersive Sound 
    • Premium Quality Graphics 
    • Engaging Gameplay
    • User-friendly Interfaces
    • Social Features 
    • Single and Multiplayer Gaming 
    • Gamification 
    • Handpicked & Screened Professionals 
    • Vast Pool of Talent 
    • In-depth Knowledge & Years of Expertise
    • Flexible Engagement Models 
    • On-demand Hiring 
    • Latest Technologies Covered
    • IP Protection 
    • Transparent Billing 
    • Team Scalability 
    • Game Providers Integration
    • Wallet Integration 
    • Data Feeds Integrations 
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Affiliate Marketing Integration
    • Analytics and Reporting APIs
    • Live Dealer Casino Integration 
    • 3rd Party Software Integration and more


    Tecpinion is one of the trusted gambling software companies that offers you unmatched benefits along with next-generation gambling software. 

    Mobile Responsive

    The sports betting turnkey solution we offer comes with diverse tools like live streaming, bet slip printing, cashier services, and more. 

    On-demand Customizations

    On-demand customizations allow you to get all the tools, features, payment gateways, design, and everything your way. 

    Quick Launch

    Our white-label online gambling software solutions can be deployed swiftly into the market, allowing you to make a quick entry. 

    Adherence to Industry Trends

    Tecpinion is one of the renowned and known gambling software companies that’s known for advanced gambling software solutions that adhere to the latest iGaming industry trends. 

    Latest Tech Stack

    The gambling online software solutions we develop are based on the latest technologies allowing you to get highly advanced and robust gambling website software solutions. 

    3rd Party Integrations

    Get everything you require without any hassle with our 3rd party integrations. 

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    Every iGaming software deals with thousands of customers. Managing your business along with your customers, your agents, your games, your providers and more while ensuring your customers stay engaged on your online gambling software could be a highly intimidating and challenging task. Needless to say, mismanagement can result in massive challenges such as low productivity, recurring costs, poor decision-making, delays in deployment of strategies and more. Overall, mismanagement can cost you your customers and can easily take a toll on your business’s revenue. To make sure the task of managing gambling software is simple and easy, as it should be, we offer you the iGaming platform. An iGaming platform comprises all the tools that are essential for the effective yet effortless management of your gambling website software. The iGaming platform comes packed with critical tools such as PAM, agent management tools, CRM, affiliate management tools, CMS, gamification, business intelligence tools, payment gateways, bonus modules, game management tools and more that streamline operations while keeping your customers engaged effectively. Want to know how our iGaming platform can help you streamline management? Book a demo today!


    Building your team is never easy. Searching for talent can be an extremely time-consuming and challenging task and hiring the talent that doesn’t suit your project requirements forces you to start over. Apart from this, training and retaining the talent also requires you to invest your time and resources. To ensure you can hire curated and handpicked talent on-demand, Tecpinion offers you iGaming staff augmentation services for your gambling app development. Our staff augmentation services give you access to carefully picked and thoroughly screened candidates that can be onboarded quickly and you can add more or remove candidates according to your project’s needs on the go. We also offer our clients flexible engagement models that help you hire based on your project needs and that are designed to ensure hassle-free hiring for your gambling website software.  Want to know how our staff augmentation services can help you and accelerate the project development process? Get in touch with our teams today!

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    Tecpinion is a renowned and esteemed internet gambling software providers that offers you feature-packed solutions such as sports betting gambling software, online casino gambling software, fantasy sports gambling software, crash gambling game software, and more. In our 7+ years of experience, we have crafted cutting-edge gambling solutions for our customers and have empowered them to achieve their long-term and short-term business goals by allowing them to convert faster, retain better and maximise their ROI. Partnering up with Tecpinion also renders you various benefits such as: 

    • State-of-the-art Gambling App Development
    • Modern Tech Stack
    • 3rd Party Integrations
    • 100% Customizations
    • Access to Top-tier Gambling Software Developers
    • Feature Add-ons
    • Delivery, On-time
    • Thoroughly Tested Solutions
    • 24/7 Technical Assistance

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      Our iGaming service offerings include game development, bespoke gambling software, iGaming staff augmentation, API integrations. 

      Our white label gambling app development services gives you access to 25+ templates for sports betting platform, fantasy sports platform, online casino platform and fantasy sports platform. These templates can be customised and also support 3rd party integrations. After the customizations and testing has been concluded, these templates are launched. The complete process takes a couple of weeks. On the other hand, bespoke gambling software development services allow you to build your sports gambling software from the ground up. You get to decide everything. From concept to design, from features to tech stack, you are in control. Hence, bespoke solutions require significant time to build but are unique and align with your vision. 

      You can get the user interfaces customised as per your business requirements and needs and you can add the 3rd party tools of your choice. Our teams always make sure operators are 100% satisfied with the end result and then only we proceed for the launch of the online gambling software. 

      Yes, we offer you a probably fair Crash game which allows your customers to verify the result and check the fairness of the game.  

      Tecpinion offers you multiple flexible engagement models which allow you to hire as per your project requirements. We also allow you to conduct multiple tests before you finalise your candidate. Once you are 100% satisfied with the talent profile, we initiate the quick onboarding process to make sure you can get started swiftly. You can add or subtract the candidates based on your project requirements anytime and we also ensure billings are 100% transparent. 

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