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Healthcare Boon – Telemedicine

In the wake of COVID- 19, the world is suffering. A lot is taking place in the Healthcare industry, most important, is the need for adoption of Telemedicine world-wide. There seems to be an increasing focus and effort on the convenience of Patient satisfaction on healthcare services. How about the Doctors, Nursing Staff, hospital attendants for various other work. We understand that it is a Doctors responsibility and a profession to save patients, Doctor may also have a weak immune system and we may end up losing them while treating others in case of communicable diseases. The need of the hour demands telemedicine solutions that do much more than simply enabling consultations.

What is Telemedicine?

A mobile application that lets physicians treat their patients remotely via Video-chat OR a remote video consult between Doctor and Patient. Not only now we have the technology for live video telemedicine, but much of the U.S.A. population has experienced using online video chat apps like Skype or Facetime and access to a computer or mobile devices to use/run them. Today\’s connected patients want to waste less time in the waiting room at the Doctor, want to get immediately addressed for minor but urgent health conditions. This expectation for more convenient care combined with the unavailability of over-occupied medical professionals has given rise to telemedicine.

Increasing penetration of the internet and busy lifestyle are the major growth factors for the global Telemedicine market. The Global Telemedicine market is valued at USD 40.11 billion in 2018 and expected to reach USD 148.32 billion by 2025 with the CAGR above 18% over the forecast period.

Future Future of Telemedicine


How do you envision it when someone says Telemedicine?

The most popular image that we draw is a Doctor consulting a Patient via the Videochat platform. Two-way video conferencing has become a much required and popular virtual alternative than in-person doctor visits. Telemedicine includes any clinical services provided via telecommunications technology. Here is a summary of a few main types of telemedicine solutions:

Store-and-forward telemedicine solutions: It is a great way to increase healthcare efficiency since a provider, patient, and specialist does not need to be physically present at the same place, at the same time. It helps in faster diagnosis, especially for patients located in undeserved settings that may not have the necessary specialist on staff. This overall process adds to, patients lower wait time, more accessible healthcare, better patient outcomes, and a more systematic and optimized schedule for physicians.

Store-and-Forward Store-and-Forward Telemedicine Solution


Home Healthcare and Remote Monitoring Systems: This solution is all about care to be provided to patients and their families in their residences to promote, maintain or restore health; or to minimize the effects of illness (like quarantine in Covid-19) including terminal illnesses. In medicare enrollment data, home health care is defined as home visits made by professionals including physicians, nurses, home health aides, therapists, and social workers. The use of interactive devices and remote monitoring enables a patient\’s vital signs to be sent on a regular basis to healthcare providers without the patient having to travel.

Remote Remote Monitoring System Telemedicine Solution


Telepharmacy Solutions: This refers to the provision of pharmacy services to patients with the use of communication technology and electronic information. This is used when patients cannot go personally to avail of such services.

Telepharmacy Telepharmacy Solution

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