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A Beginners Guide To Crash Casino Games : Trends and Future

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Crash Casino Game?
    1.1 How do you play a Crash Game?
    1.2 Rules of the Crash Casino Game
  2. Basic Layout of the Crash Casino
  3. Quick Tips to Play a Game of Luck
  4. Crash Casino Trends 
  5. Crash Strategies for Predicting the Crash Multiplier
  6. Why the Crash Game is different from other Casino Games?
  7. What is Provably Fair Technology?
    7.1 Important steps to remember in Provably Fair Concept
    7.2 Five reasons, one may benefit from Provably Fair Games
    7.3 How to Verify Fairness in Provably Fair Games
    7.4 The Future of Provably Fair Crash Gaming Game
  8. How Tecpinion can help you with launching your Crash Casino Game?

What is Crash Casino Game?

Crash Casino is one of the latest kinds of games available on gambling websites. It is easy and entertaining to play if the basics are known. It is a game in which you place a bet and watch the multiplier rise. It is a game of chance where the objective is to cash out before the multiplier crashes. This multiplier can crash at a random time and you have to cash out before it happens. To get a win, you need to reach out to your multiplier or above it. If it crashes before your multiplier, the game ends on a loss. There is an option to exit at any point in time. The rounds in this game are very short.

How do you play a Crash Game? 

Rules and formats for all Crash Games are the same. The theme of the game is the only difference between each title. For example, some of them would show a Superhero or a flying plane or a rocket likewise many other visuals can be placed but fundamental elements like rules and layout remain the same for all.

Rules of the Crash Casino Game:

Cash-out before the designated crash happens using the same button that you pressed to place a bet. If it is successfully done, then you win back your bet multiplied by the amount reached that round. A Crash can happen anytime beginning from 1.02x. The time that the Crash would happen is completely random as dictated by RNG (Random Number Generator)

Basic Layout of the Crash Casino:

The basic layout of a Crash Casino Game Development is like a dedicated space on the screen for status updates of other players. Frequently there is an update indicating how much and when another player has won it. Some of them utilize half of the screen while others just put it in a Corner. The main focus of the game is a stylized chart with the animated figure flying or falling on it and it utilizes a major screen area. The focus should always be on the multiplier that elevates from 1.00x and stops at a random height.

Quick Tips to Play a Game of Luck:

Crash Casino is a game of luck and intuition. The RNG determines how high the multiplier will rise and crash per round and it is up to one’s gut feeling when you want to cash out. You would like to decide how much you would want to bet per round to maximize wins and avoid losses. 

  1. Play at Minimum Risk: There are two factors in measuring the risk; Size of the bet and willingness to wait for the higher multiplier before cashing out. Betting at a minimum rate and cashing out as early as 1.03x is the lowest possible risk but it will not be rewarding.


  2. Auto-Cash Out: Set the auto-play for 10 or 20 rounds and set the auto Cash out to 1.40x. This is the most common spot tested across all kinds of Crash Games. You may ignore the results per round because one only needs to take note of the overall profit at the end of the set. If one gains profit then shift the multiplier auto cash out a little higher, which can be like 1.80x then can be 2.0x. Keep increasing as long as you earn a profit, and go down if you experience losses.

Crash Casino Trends:

To increase the chances of winning in Crash Casino Gambling, it is important to analyse trends in the market and make more informed decisions about when to get out. Below are a few tips to monitor the indicators-

  • Use Technical Analysis: Technical analysis majorly helps in analysing the pattern in the market. By analysing these patterns, it becomes easier to make a decision on when to get in and out of a game.
  • Keep an eye on the multiplier: Multiplier is an important indicator of when a Crash game ends. As the multiplier increases, so does the risk of crashing games. It is important to observe the multiplier and get out of the game before it brings the better in an uncomfortable position.
  • Follow market news: It’s important to keep oneself updated with market news and events that would affect the price of cryptocurrency. This helps in making informed decisions about when to bet and when not.

Crash Strategies for Predicting the Crash Multiplier:

There are some strategies that can help in predicting Crash multipliers like-
  • Mirror Technique: Mirror technique rides on the fact that Crash has some interactive functions that allow you to see the wagering history of other players, their wins and losses inclusive. So, let’s see if you see a player’s history who has more wins then you may “mirror” their actions. Not to forget, this is not 100% sure that such action shall definitely lead to wins since the technique works on RNG which produces random results.
  • Smash N Grab: It is the riskiest strategy. It may pay off massively, but not meant for players who wish to play Crash for extended periods. It’s good for the ones who play it for short bursts. It is a capital-intensive strategy. Since the goal is to hit big wins, one would want to play big bets too. The winning percentage of Smash N Grab is less since it is too risky. If one is yet to gain after multiple rounds of game then one should switch to another strategy instead of draining the balance.
  • Martingale Betting Strategy: It is a French strategy. It means you choose a preset wagering amount and double lost bets until you win. It is risky too but can pay off hugely. It is a short-term strategy. All one needs to do is to win to cover up all the losses and add a significant profit, if you land a big multiplier.
  • Play It Long And Safe: This involves wagering a small sum and accumulating winnings until they reach a select threshold when you are comfortable walking away. With this strategy, the Auto Cash-out feature is advised as one needs to play multiple consecutive rounds on a low wager. The only drawback is that one needs to spend long hours playing Crash to make any decent returns.

Why the Crash Game is different from other Casino Games?

Gamblers enjoy playing crash games for numerous reasons, such as simplicity, low entry cost, equal chance of winning, and high payouts. These reasons have not only increased the user base but also motivated other gaming businesses to invest in provably fair technology. Crash Casino game is one of the popular games that work on the provably fair algorithm. Let’s have a brief introduction to Provably Fair Technology.

What is Provably Fair Crash Game Concept: Working & Benefits

Provably Fair lets players check the real-time results of the game. Provable Fair uses three types of technology to generate results. They are:
  1. Random Number Generator (RNG): RNG generates millions and billions of numbers per second to determine the outcome.
  2. Seed Generators: Seed Generator generates the numbers that impact the outcomes of algorithms.
  3. Hashing: It is a process that converts longer data strings into shorter ones. In the Provably Fair system, a seed number is encrypted when it is hashed.

Important steps to remember in Provably Fair Concept:

  1. The game begins with a hidden seed.
  2. Using the seed, the system generates random outcomes.
  3. One may use the initial seed to assess the game’s fairness.

Five reasons, one may benefit from Provably Fair Crash Games:

  1. Transparent: It is 100% transparent. Blockchain technology helps in examining the fairness of the game. Both sides have hash functions that encrypt the result of the game. These cannot be changed and must match the outcome of the wager. With this level of transparency, one can be certain that the results of the game are completely legitimate.
  2. Higher Return To Player (RTP): The RTP of each game influences how probable it is for you to win. It increases the odds of winning. Provably Fair games have 99% RTPs which gives a 99% probability of winning.
  3. Game quality and features: Over a period of time, the quality and features of Provably Fair game have improved. Now it’s better in terms of graphics and playability.  Better games exist now. Now one may enjoy upgraded themes and visuals.
  4. No Need for Third Party: Provable Fair algorithm and Blockchain is a public ledger, so there is no need for third parties to certify the games. Blockchain Tech takes care of it.
  5. Privacy: By playing in Provably Fair Casinos, one can make payments using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, making sure one’s personal banking details are never shared with operators or payment processors.

How to Verify Fairness in Provably Fair Games:

There are three components that determine the outcome of any spin, card shuffle, or game round in Provably Fair games. They are-
  1. Server Seed: Data provided by the Casino
  2. Client Seed: Generated by the browser one is using
  3. Nonce: A variable that increases by one with every game round so that you can keep track of the hands played and game rounds.

The Future of Provably Fair Crash Gaming Game:

With the significance of thrilling gameplay and potential for big wins, it is clearly visible that crash casino game is the next big thing the the future of provably fair technology. The PF is going to stay. An increasing number of crypto online casinos are launching their native provably fair games to appeal to players looking for additional assurances with respect to fairness and safety. Online Casinos are going to necessary lengths to build strong customer bases that appreciate the sense of security with a Provably Fair environment. The biggest challenge that remains is the legalisation of such Casinos which itself needs a know-your-customer policy, directly in collision with the nature of cryptocurrency. So be a part of this future wave of crash gambling games and embrace the thrill.

How Tecpinion can help you with launching your Crash Casino Game?

Tecpinion is one of the leading crash gambling software development companies. With the help of highly skilled developers, we offer turnkey, customised, and white-label crash game software development services. Our software comes with all the critical features essential for the success of your crash game and we deliver feature-loaded crash casino games in a given time. Whether you want software or apps for Crash Games, Fantasy Sports, Sports Betting, or iGaming Platform, giving you the best version of your requirements is our core impulse.

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