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All You Need To Know About Telepharmacy Solution in 2020-21


Telepharmacy is considered to be a way of delivering pharmaceutical products by the means of telecom and internet to different patients. This way patients can receive their medicines and other pharmaceutical care items so they can get the services easily. telepharamcy solution development is the need of an hour.

Some of the services given are counseling, drug treatment monitoring, and authentication for the prescribed drugs, monitoring or formulary compliance by the means of video conferencing or phone conferencing, and prior authorization of prescribed drugs. Other services are taking medical drugs to remote places and also labeling the systems. These services can be granted at your retail pharmacy stores or even through the hospitals and other medical facilities.

 There are four types of telepharmacy solution-

  1. Inpatient (remote order-entry review)
  2. Remote dispensing (retail/outpatient/discharge) 
  3. Remote counseling
  4. IV admixture


Market insights

The global telepharmacy market is expected to witness growth from 2021 to 2028 due to the advancement of technology and the increase in diseases. Telepharmacy provides consultation to patients that are living in remote geography to provide quality health care service to those living in medically backward and rural areas. 

According to Wikipedia, Implementation of telepharamcy platform development in the US began in the early 2000s. A combination of factors, including changes in Medicare reimbursement for medications and the recession period of 2008–9, led to a decrease in the number of independent chemists or pharmacists in rural areas. In response to the need for alternative means of delivering medicines or drugs, medical utensils in services in rural communities.

Furthermore, telepharmacy provides the best service of pharmacy at minimal costs. It saves on the additional costs needed for capital investment and hiring a new  pharmacist. Additionally, increasing internet penetration coupled with rising internet users is accelerating market growth. 

Moreover, the ubiquity of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 disease has resulted in social distancing and lockdowns. Therefore, people prefer telehealth services to limit exposure and the risk of infection. Thus, telepharmacy is gaining popularity in such global pandemics and thereby increasing market growth.

The remote order entry services are also known as inpatient telepharmacy provides real-time pharmacies order along with review and verification for health systems. 

The inpatient telepharmacy works as an extension for the hospital-based in-house pharmacy. This assists the remote pharmacists to offer 24*7 coverage offers teleconsultation or counseling for patients via two-way and secure video conferencing.


Future of Telepharmacy Solution with respect to COVID -19

If there was no coronavirus pandemic, a section on telepharmacy\’s role in healthcare today would have sounded a lot like how the previous section ended: optimism about its future but also some uncertainty about how rapidly adoption and growth would occur and to what extent. But Coronavirus pandemic came along, and the value of telepharmacy — like other forms of telehealthcare — has become even more real, appreciated, and adaptable.

The government quickly supported telepharmacy as a way for chemists to minimize their risk of exposure to the COVID-19 and reduce the risk for patients during the coronavirus pandemic. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidance for chemists and Pharmacy Technicians in Community Pharmacies during the COVID-19 Response\” online resource notes, \”Pharmacists who are providing patients with chronic disease management services, medication management services, and other services that do not require face-to-face encounters should make every effort to use telephone, telemedicine, RPM or telepharamcy platform development strategies.\”

To further support telehealthcare, the U.S. The Department of Healthcare and Human Services supports the use of telehealth services as part of the COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act. The federal government also helped fund the \”coronavirus Telehealth Toolkit,\” which is designed to help organizations implement telehealthcare solutions during the pandemic.


Who Needs Telepharmacy Solution Systems?

1.Physicians – Nowadays, patients prefer video consultations over the phone or email. Physicians may need telepharmacy mobile solutions for better communication between physicians, chemists, and patients.

2.Pharmacists – Mostly pharmacists or chemists need telepharmacy software systems for seamless integration with any physical interaction.

3.Medical practice – Convenience today is at the heart of healthcare. When medical practice enterprises are able to provide telepharmacy systems to patients, they are more likely to get ahead. Telepharmacy solution providers such as Tecpinion offer HIPAA-compliant telepharmacy applications for such medical enterprises.




Benefits of Telepharmacy Solution systems

  • It Provides patients in medically underserved areas access to a pharmacy services
  • Operate in areas where a traditional pharmacy would not be practicable
  • Expand your business cost-effectively
  • Helps combat slim margins and declining reimbursements
  • Extend the reach of the pharmacy services while improving care

Potential benefits of telepharmacy include improved access to care, higher efficiency in diagnosis and treatment, higher productivity, and market positioning for the coming years.

Must-have Features in your Telepharmacy solution

  • Cloud-based, H7, HIPAA-compliant secure telepharmacy software
  • Smart data management to manage the workflow and operations between both sites
  • Photo documentation of each prescription filled & dispensed
  • Secure HD video conferencing for patient counseling
  • Maximize resources with collaborative staffing

Rural and backward areas communities lack easy and fast access to healthcare services due to location and demographics..Telepharmacy technology can improve access to medicines for those who are living in rural areas. It will soon become an integral part of modern pharmacy services such as drug management,dispensing, counselling, availability of drugs and medicines. A well-developed seamless system can change the way of pharamcy operations.

Tecpinion has been creating custom telehealth solutions for almost 8 years now. Understanding your need is at the core of our healthcare software development solutions because we practice design thinking. We have developed telehealthcare solutions for medical professionals, hospitals, doctors, docpreneurs, and healthcare providers over the years. Do give us a call.

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