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Top 10 odds and payment providers for sports betting websites 2021-2022

Millions of sports betting websites come with multiple features as well as functionalities to offer users a hassle-free betting experience. And by adding better odds and payment gateways, you can generate better revenue through your sports betting sites. Here is the list of some best odd and payment providers that you can choose for your sports betting sites to enjoy better results.

  1. Tecpinion

This is one of the most reliable and popular odds and sport data providers for your sports betting website. By covering data of more than 50 sports, the experts of Tecpinion have successfully tracked thousands of fixtures. This proves their capabilities. As trusted odd providers, they have served many bookmarks. 

  1. PurePay

When it comes to enjoying secure and swift transactions, most sports betting sites prefer to choose PurePay. For years, it has been offering trusted online payment solutions. The gateway is equipped with highly advanced security measurements.

  1. Skrill

If you search, you will find that most top-rated sportsbooks around the globe accept deposits through Skrill. It is operated in more than 150 countries and used by sites like Badog, Bet365, Betway, and more.

  1. DonBest

DonBest is also a top-rated odds provider for sports betting websites. When you are with them, you can enjoy multiple trading and real-time odd solutions. Besides, they also offer consulting services.

  1. Lsports

As a professional sports odds provider, it has covered more than 50 sports, including greyhounds, horse racing, trotting, and more. They always offer the most accurate data.

  1. GoalServe

Launched in 2005, Goalserve has become a reliable odd provider and has a solid presence in India, Europe, and the USA. They offer a faster sports data retrieval rate with FTP, Sockets, HTTP, and more.

  1. Merchant Scout

This payment service provider for sports betting websites is well-known for its useful perks. The gateway supports more than 100 currencies credit cards and also facilitates recurring billing. The payment solution is used by gambling, entertainment, and other major industries.

  1. Latpay

The service provider offers flexible and secure payment solutions for different online gambling businesses, like sports betting sites, online casinos, lottery, and more. With this, you will get in-built fraud prevention and detection system.

  1. Pinnacle Sports

It is an emerging online sport betting data and odd provider for various sites. While offering more accurate sports data odds, it also provides the users with a wager.

  1. Eoddsmaker

eOddsmaker has specialized in offering football betting odds and also covers more than 150 sports types. Till now, they have successfully covered more than 600 football matches. Besides, they also offer different tools to integrate their system into your existing sportsbook software.

If you are planning to create a sports betting website and want to hire the best odds and payment provider for the site, then choosing Tecpinion can be the best option for you. They integrate the odds APIs in the most secure way so that the users can use the sports betting sites without worrying about any issues. To know more about their services and how they can help you in this, you can visit their official site at

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