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    The cybersports industry has broadened the horizons of sports betting by allowing punters to place wagers on various events that occur in esports. Punters can now place bets on the outcome of various events that take place in esports such as Dota, Apex Legends, PUBG, Free Fire, Rocket League, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and more. When it comes to entering the iGaming industry with cybersports gambling solutions, the right cybersport betting software solution provider can make all the difference by providing you with the advanced cybersports betting app. Tecpinion is one such partner that can help you get a custom cybersports gambling solution that adheres to the latest iGaming industry trends, aligns with the expectations of your end user, and comes with all the advanced and robust tools that help admins streamline operations. We also offer white label and turnkey solutions that are ready-made and can be launched swiftly into the industry. If you are looking for a complete package of advanced tools, we also offer iGaming platform integration that comes packed and loaded with next-generation tools and features that are essential for seamless management, enhanced player engagement, essential insights, and more. After the launch, we also offer support to our customers through post-launch services that help businesses maintain the cybersports gambling software. The custom solutions we offer give you 100% control through 100% ownership whereas our turnkey and white label solutions can be acquired at low GGR. Want to know more about our cybersports offerings? Get in touch with our teams today!

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    Counter Strike



    Apex Legends

    Call Of Duty


    Free Fire

    Street Fighter

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    Tecpinion prioritises your success, always. And to ensure your business succeeds, we offer you all the latest features that help you stand out from the crowd.

    Agent Systems

    This feature enables you to manage all your agents with just one tool.

    Odds & Data Feed Integration

    Odds and data feed integration helps you provide real-time features to your players.

    Bonus Systems

    Bonus systems help you convert more customers and also enhance retention rate.

    Multi-lingual Support

    Multilingual support makes your cybersports bets app more accessible to global punters.

    Cryptocurrency Support

    Our cybersport betting online platform supports various popular cryptocurrencies.

    Reports & Statistics

    This feature delivers you insights that support major business decisions. 

    Admin Dashboard

    Admins dashboards come wrapped with all the features that make management simple. 

    Real-Time Bet Settlements

    No more delays. Real-time bet settlements settle bets in real-time. 

    Risk Management Tools

    Risk management tools help you monitor risks and take effective actions and also enable you to set limits. 

    Multiple Esports Covered

    We offer you vast coverage of all popular esports like Dota, league of legends, apex legends, rocket league and more.

    Vast Coverage

    Tecpinion offers you vast coverage of diverse sports, events, leagues, tournaments and more. 

    Retail, Online & Bet Shops

    Our cybersports gambling software comes with every feature of online, retail and bet shops.

    Betting Ticket

    This feature allows your punters to make payments and get their tickets printing through betting shops. 

    Casino Games

    We also offer you numerous casino games such as bingo, poker, virtual sports and more. 

    Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting and analytics helps your players get access to in-depth and detailed insights for better betting experiences.

    Live Betting

    Live betting allows you to enhance engagement by enabling punters to place bets on ongoing events in the game. 

    Multiple Payment Modes

    Multiple payment modes help your punters to make transactions seamlessly. We offer multiple payment modes such as credit cards, e-wallets, debit cards, bank transfers, etc.

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    An advanced set of tools is equally important as having an advanced cybersport betting online platform. Ending up with the wrong set of management tools can lead to increased risk exposure, wasted resources, poor punter experience, compromise on security, breaches in data privacy and much more. Poor set of tools not only compromise on the management but can also impose serious questions on the success of your cybersport betting software solution. On the other hand, having access to the right set of tools enhances efficiency, streamline business operations, helps you enhance security, track fraudulent activities, engage your customers, offer better bonuses and more. To help businesses do more, while enhancing the punter experience on the cybersport gambling software, Tecpinion offers an iGaming platform. The iGaming platform is a collection of all the right tools that allow businesses to do more, do better and succeed. The tools include business intelligence tools, PAM, KYC module, social media module, CRM, payment gateways,  CMS, agent management tools, engagement tools, affiliate management tools and more. These tools together help you manage your business better, deliver critical information that help you make better decisions and allow you to even market your business better. The iGaming platform also generates measurable results that allow businesses to thrive. Want to know how our iGaming platform can transform your business? Book a demo today!

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    For operators who don’t want to spend resources in building a custom cybersport gambling software solution, we offer turnkey cybersports gambling solutions. Our ready made solutions offer you speed to market while also offering you best-in-class features and tools for maximum engagement, enhanced participation, seamless management and increased ROI. Our white label cybersports gambling solution also support various 3rd party solutions that ensure you can add features of your choice without any fuss. Want to know more about our ready-made cybersports bets apps? Get in touch!


    Still interviewing random developers for your upcoming or ongoing cybersports betting project? Get organised and hire better with Tecpinion. Tecpinion is an iGaming staffing services provider that offers top-tier iGaming industry talent for hire. Tecpinion gives you seamless access to the vast pool of top-talent and helps you get the candidates you are looking for. Tecpinion also offers you various engagement models that are tailor-made for different needs of different businesses. The engagement models allow businesses to hire the candidates according to their specific project needs. Our cybersport bets app developer holds years of strong expertise and hands on experience in the latest technologies and tools that are essential for crafting the most advanced and future-proof cybersports betting app. Want to know more on how you can hire top-drawer talent from Tecpinion? Get in touch with our teams today!

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    Tecpinion is a known industry leader in offering ultra-modern cybersport betting software solutions. With 7+ years of experience and strong expertise, our teams of sports betting app developers craft cybersport gambling software solutions that align with the latest cybersports industry trends and offer immersive and unmatched betting experiences. We include handpicked and curated tools into the software solution that not only help admins manage the software solutions with ease but also help in enhancing punter engagement. We aim to deliver you the best-in-industry cybersports betting online platform that offers your customers unrivalled betting experiences and helps you enhance customer retention. Hiring Tecpinion also renders you with multiple perks that include: 

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      Yes, with the help of our iGaming staffing services, you can hire cybersport bets app developers, on-demand. We also offer flexible engagement models that make the hiring process hassle free. 

      Cybersports betting app also known as esports betting software solution allows punters to place wagers on the outcomes of esports games. These games include league of legends, DOTA, fortnite, call of duty, rocket league, overwatch, etc.

      Yes, our cybersports gambling software supports cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies.

      The list of features include live betting, complete sports coverage, coverage of various leagues, tournaments, events, etc, agent management systems, risk management systems, casino games, payment gateways, multiple payment modes, real-time chat, social media module, etc. 

      Yes, if you want to build your cybersports bets app from scratch, we can help you with our bespoke cybersports gambling software development services. 

      Yes, we offer our customers 3rd party integration services that can help them add the solutions of their choice in their newly launched or existing cybersports software solution. The 3rd party integrations are performed by our expert cybersports betting app developers to ensure zero downtime and zero disruptions in the ongoing operations. 


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