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    To develop a robust betting app, you need talented and highly professional sports betting app developers. Finding the right talent who understands your requirements, can help you overcome challenges, can effectively collaborate with your team, and can keep communication seamless while protecting your ideas takes work. Hiring the right talent can be an exhausting process and can also require you to invest a significant amount of time and resources. To ensure seamless and effortless hiring, Tecpinion online sports betting software development company offers you iGaming staffing services. Our iGaming staffing services offer you a vast pool of talented professionals on-demand for hire. Our services are aimed at making the hiring process as simple for you as possible so that you can hire your desired candidates without any hassle. Along with talented professionals, we also offer highly flexible engagement models to make sure you can hire candidates based on your requirements and project needs. Our sports betting game app developers come with hands-on experience in the latest technologies and help you build first-rate sports betting apps as per the latest industry trends. 


    When you hire sports betting app developers, you get all the cutting-edge features that are essential for the success of your sports betting app development solutions

    Retail, Online and Bet Shops

    Our betting app development services cover all the features of retail, online and bet shop solutions.

    Live Betting

    Live betting appeals to punters who love placing wagers on real-time events.

    Betting Ticket

    Betting tickets can be printed at bet shops after the counters make payment.

    Real-Time Bet Settlements

    Real-time bet settlements settle bets instantly without any delays. 


    Cryptocurrency Support

    As a leading sports betting app development agency, we offer you comprehensive support for all the popular cryptocurrencies. 


    Reports & Statistics

    Reports and stats help you make better and more informed business decisions that are supported by insightful data

    Multiple Sports Covered

    Our betting app development services offer you support for a myriad of sports, such as horse racing, golf, tennis, basketball, etc.

    Vast Coverage

    Our sports betting app development services offer you vast coverage of leagues, tournaments, sports, events and more.

    Casino Games

    Tecpinion Sports Betting Mobile App Development Company offers you an array of casino games like poker, virtual sports, bingo, horse racing, etc.

    Reporting & Analytics

    This feature helps you gain valuable insights and enables you to improve the betting experiences of your punters by delivering you important insights.

    Android & iOS Apps

    Tecpinion sports betting app development providers offer you native and hybrid app development services for iOS and Android devices.


    Bonus Systems

    This feature helps you offer lucrative and attractive bonus offers to your players that allow you to convert better while maximizing retention.

    Risk Management Tools

    Risk management protects your business by helping you identify, monitor and manage risks and set limits.

    Voice Command Integration

    This feature offers your bettors a hands-free betting experience and allows them to place wagers through their voices.

    Agent Systems

    Agent systems make management easy by allowing you to manage your complete agent hierarchy.

    Admin Dashboard

    Admin dashboards are a collection of all the right tools that streamline operations and ease the management process. 


    Multi-lingual Support

    Multilingual Sports Betting App Development Solutions support various languages for seamless access from any part of the world in any preferred language

    Multiple Payment Modes

    Tecpinion sports betting mobile app development company offers you multiple payment modes such as e-wallets, bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards and more for hassle free transactions.

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    Did you know that 55% of punters use their mobile devices for betting? And if you are only offering your customers feature-packed sports betting app development solutions but not a robust betting app, you are missing out on a huge chunk of your audience. To make sure your customers can rely on your betting mobile app for outstanding betting experiences, we offer you best-in-class sports betting app development services. Our betting app development services enable you to get all the robust features and tools while ensuring impeccable betting experiences. Our betting app developers build sophisticated and advanced native as well as hybrid mobile apps that help you meet the expectations of your target customers. To ensure you stay ahead, our betting mobile apps are crafted with the latest tech stack and are built to adhere to the latest industry trends. Want to know more about our online sports betting app development? Get in touch with our teams today!

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    We offer four key engagement models that help you hire according to your project needs

    Time and Material

    The time and material model is perfect for accomplishing small tasks such as bug fixes, code reviews, updates installations, code optimizations, etc. Sports betting app developers get paid for the time they spend on the task.

    Fixed price

    A fixed price engagement model is ideal for businesses that have a clear scope defined for their sports betting app.

    Milestone based delivery

    As the name suggests, in these models, deliveries are made in chunks periodically. Businesses pay when they receive the deliveries. 

    Dedicated teams

    This model allows businesses to hire teams of developers that can work independently or can collaborate with existing teams. These teams can also collaborate with remote teams to speed up the project development process.


    Sports Betting App Developers


    Tecpinion is known for offering top industry talent to businesses for their iGaming projects. With 8+ years of experience in the industry, we offer businesses candidates that hold years of proven experience in building player-friendly and ultra-modern sports betting apps and online sports betting website development. The sports betting apps developed by our teams of betting app developers ensure maximum player engagement. From promotyping to design, from development to application launch, our developers assist you and speed up the process, ensuring swift entry into the industry. With our iGaming staffing services and a massive pool of handpicked professionals, we ensure our customers stay multiple steps ahead in the competition effortlessly. Choosing us as your betting app developers provider and our iGaming staffing services, you also enjoy diverse benefits such as: 

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      To ensure easy hiring, we have kept our hiring process super simple. We offer various engagement models and our customers can choose the one that suits their business and project needs. To get access to the candidate profiles, our customers go on a discovery call with us where we discuss their challenges and requirements according to which, we send them candidate profiles. Once shortlisted, we initiate the onboarding of the candidate.

      The tasks include updates installations, bugs identification, bug fixing, code review, performance optimization, code optimization, feature add ons, etc.

      It depends on your business goals and requirements. If you have time and budget, you can opt for native app development but if you are in a rush and you need one app that will work on both, Android and iOS, you can opt for hybrid development

      With Tecpinion, you get plenty of perks such as complete confidentiality of your project via legal contracts and NDAs, consistent communication, transparent billing without any hidden charges, access to a vast pool of talented professionals, on-demand hiring, and more.

      Online sports betting app development will cover various features such as live betting, risk management tools, agent management tools, casino games, voice command integration, real-time bet settlement, multiple payment modes, cryptocurrency support and more.

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